Women, Infants and Children (WIC) provides breastfeeding support, nutrition counseling, health education, health care referrals, referrals to other services, and nutritious foods to approximately 425,000 women, infants and children each month through 91 local providers (hospitals, local health departments and community based organizations) at 400 service sites. The fundamental purpose of the program is to ensure the health and well-being of income eligible families with young children. WIC provides individually tailored food prescriptions issued to each participant for specific types and brands of foods that meet strict nutrition requirements. These food benefits, valued at nearly $400 million annually, can be redeemed at approximately 3,000 authorized retail food vendors across the state. Find out about shopping with eWIC benefits by clicking here.


St. Lawrence County
Community Health Center of the North Country
4 Commerce Lane, Canton
Office: (315) 386-8128 | Fax: (315) 386-4336

Franklin County
Community Health Center of the North Country
380 Creighton Road, Malone
Office: (518) 483-4262 | Fax: (518)481-5407

WIC is not only for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, infants, and children under the age of 5, but also ANY primary caregiver of children under the age of 5. If you are a single dad or grandparent, you may qualify as well.

- You can have a job.
- You can be single or married.
- You can be living with your parents.
- You can be unemployed.
- You can be a student.
- You can be a father with a child under the age of five.
- You can be a foster parent with a child under the age of five.


- eWIC cards for healthy foods that provide essential vitamins and minerals needed to support growth. Foods may include milk, cheese, tofu, 100% fruit juice, soy-based beverages, eggs, fruits, vegetables, legumes, peanut butter, infant formulas and infant cereals, baby foods, hot and cold cereals, whole grain breads/tortillas and brown rice. (To see qualifying foods, click here.)

- Nutrition Counseling

- Breastfeeding Support

- Health Referrals to Families

Income Guidelines effective through June 30th, 2025

Income Guidelines effective through June 30th, 2025

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For WIC Services in Lewis and Jefferson Counties, please visit our friends at North Country Family Health Center

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. For a copy of the USDA Nondiscrimination Statement and NYS WIC Complaint Information, please click here.